"Our mission is to set unrealistic goals …and strategically achieve them": Building a transnational (Caribbean-centric) organization is the driving force behind our mission-critical media, telecom, web and wireless multi-service platform and/or vertical market business ventures. We're enabling other license operators (OLO), resellers and service providers who turn to UAG/ECBIZNET and Full Specturm Communications for cutting-edge media, telecom, web and wireless technologies. In building these hi-tech relationships we also provide time efficient, cost effective product development, along with a J. D. Power "Beyond Satisfaction" award winning customer service certified call center program for outsourcers requiring a CRM service of distinction. Both our elite and grassroots corporate and financial services, encompasses a Go-2-market strategies, e-marketing, information, communications and infrastructural solutions fit for carrier clients, loyal consumers and a converging business model of subscribers on a global scale -through bold initiatives and a CO-OPETITION STRATEGY.

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Bahamians looking forward to BTC buy back.

As a Bahamian telecom expert with a net-neutral competitive agenda Erskine R. Curry Chairman/CEO of ECBIZNET wants to know why so many Bahamians at home are in favor of putting the control of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) back in the hands of the government. I hear a lot of debates about how Cable & Wireless just don’t provide the quality of service the market demands. I understsnd from very reliable resources how if there was an option how there would be a catastrophic shift to the next best thing. I understand the need for some home inprovement relating to the poor service in an already underperforming communications sector. What I do not understand is how is there an expectation of any improvement in service based on a mere 2% shift in corporate contro. Remember, we are talking about pass control from a communications giant with 140 years of global telecom experience to agovernment with expertise in operating a high-cost monopoly. I have yet to see the technological breakthrough which would improve the local quality of telecom products and services. Correct me if I am wrong …but aren’t we suppose to be moving forward, upward, onward, together? WE SHOULD NOT BE THINKING ABOUT a 2% INCREASE IN OWNERSHIP UNLESS IT COMES WITH A 100% IMPROVEMENT IN THE QUALITY OF SERVICE… Buying back 2% is a matter of mere control and perhaps continued miss-management and heaven help us all if under our government’s control the quality of the poor service you are now experiencing turns out to be worse. BUT THAT IS NOT A POSSIBILITY -RIGHT?


An array of challenges on the horizon for OLOs

As an entity focused on enabling OLOs (Other License Operators ) -after a vote of no confidence terminating its’ contract with Bertha M. Cooper-Rousseau (a Bahamian lawyer)  Erskine R. Curry -Chairman/CEO moved with a powerful challenge for it current In-house Lead Council  Antoine Bandele Lafleur with strong advice on how the company plans to face the legal landscape which awaits cutting-edge innovators like ECBIZNET  (BAHAMAS)  LIMITED:  …its Divisions-Subsidiaries & Affiliated Entities. Noting: ECBIZNET: Noting: his ageender Mr. Curry said ECBIZNET ought to advise its In-House General Council of a diverse array of legal challenges on the leading edge of innovation

Mr. Curry noted: to his Lead Council that his company’s value-driven broad cultural approach to client service is what distinguishes his “bold initiative” as one of the premier transnational firms in the Caribbean region. We are committed to yielding the best possible results, and we tailor our services specifically to meet our region’s needs- and our aggressive business goals make the ECBIZNET brand a new leader in its community.

Our region is in need of a trusted technology partner Mr. Curry denoted and advised his In-house Lead Council  Antoine Bandele Lafleur that ECBIZNET is not a mere service provider. Our Company’s best practice includes policy advocacy, network deployment and retail-ready communications solutions, preparing and negotiating technology and telecommunications agreements, regulatory compliance, assistance with licensing and certification, and strategic planning to enhance go2market branding and market awareness …and excelling in other ares of social investments which super-serves the peoples we call our Clients, Customers & Subscribers.

From established telecommunications providers and large government contractors, to the Caribbean national’s most respected universities, research, industrial and financial centers, to entrepreneurs and new entrants in the communications and high-tech space, we speak with one voice which represent an extensive cross-section of the Caribbean media-scape, ICT and Mobile Space. We must furthermore understand national and regional market demands of all sizes (rural and major markets powers). Our financial strengths offers a “hi-tech”, “higher-ground”, approach to our “CO-OPETITION STRATEGY”. We will have to face many competing legal demands and may be under increasingly mounting levels of pressure to broaden the legal requirements in order to broadening the reach of broadband in the region. We’ve identified the need to repeatedly demonstrate our ability to meet and exceed market-demands and legal sub-standards which current prevail particularly in the under-performing communications sector. Our In-House General Council is being called on to a position which requires skill and efficiency, protecting and ensuring ECBIZNET’s priorities; -artfully articulated at the negotiating time-table, facing undeniable decades of “must-go” old-fashioned rules now set in front of seemingly under-exposed regulatory authorities. By understanding the technology goals and moveable constraints place on Mr. Curry’s vision due to antiquated laws -in most cases, and carefully selecting the legal framework best suited to meet our rapid growth demands and the needs of our customers. The legal team is expected to be consistently able to excel legally on the leading edge of innovation and push the legal limits of the law to the point of being adcovates of a telic rather than a chaotic standard which drives our technological expectation and innovation engine.

We welcome our In-house Lead Council  Antoine Bandele Lafleur to: (1) “on-board”, (2) “to learn”, (3) “to move forward, upward, onward, together” -as an integrated part of our cutting-edged technologies agenda and our domestic service-level experience in a way which will help our business to succeed. WE BUILDING THE REGIONS’ FASTEST MOBILE-DATA NETWORK.



Regional Joint-Development(s) and Marketing Agreement(s)/LMA


We`re building the region’s fastest mobile-data network

A regional Call for a New Corporate Culture of Caribbean-Centric Owned Media and Telecom Service Providers

In a bold initiative a new communications venture; Full Spectrum Communications is established to bring improvement to our underperforming communications sector.

The proposed joint-development and marketing agreement/LMA between selected regional stakeholders stands ready to launch the regionss’ first private sector “Baby Bell” pending URCA’s Approval.

The new venture will firstly provide a nationwide next-generation network enabiling reliable telephone service, nationwide WiFi idedicated internet access, cableTV, a new top-level domain (.bahamas) and its flafship telecom product the “TELIC” for end-users and the AreoFi for the carrier market segment. The TELIC is a competitively priced smartphone which provides an un-meted regionwide calling plan and/or an unlimited International calling plan to the USA and Canada. Each plan includes unlimited text, voice and data services . Our products and services are being launch at a time when it would be considered a mission-critical technology venture raising awareness of the current state of our communications sector.


ECBIZNET: A BROAD PROSPECTIVE ON THE STATE OF THE BAHAMAS COMMUNICATIONS SECTOR: In the fast moving technological world of globally interconnected converging next-generation networks; the new market challenges are: eco-friendly interoperability, keeping pace with the competitive landscape: -and doing a balancing act between the complexities and the growth demand for tech-savvy mobile apps, cost effective suply chain management for trendy 4G and LTE divices, measuring up to …and in some cases down-sizing to comply with low regulated standards, dealing with casualties of the brand war, improvingg preparedness for forward-thinking mobility and cloud computing, web-based back-office  technologies and  the   extremity of rural market underdevelopment vs. the overly vibrant profits-centers of the major market players. The churn rate of other licence operators (OLO) customer acquisitions is satisfactory and should be encouraged by rewarding them with mandatory shared access to the PSTN (the Public Switched Telephone Network) to meet their growing demand. -or their expected growth. Shared access to the PSTN would accelerate the delivery of ubiqudious communications services which todate still remains an unresolved governmental, communications industry’s and  a consumer on-going concern. Amidst regulatory authorities and service provider the static argument is; -and has always been the same.  On the right there is a cry for more regulatory control and at the same time to the left; there is a push for innovation and open technology which often bypasses regulatory authority and controls by an inch. From a consumer prospective, neither the regulatory process nor the licience operators have proven price-wise if our communicatios sector is a task well managed.The overwhelming problem today is; there are far too many high-tech Service Providers struggling to bear the complexity, cost and the burden of CAPEX/OPEX. In so doing, many service providers lose precious time, divert valuable resources and deploy costly solutions which don’t live up to theirs …or the public’s expectation. Without adequate localized control of spectrum, metered foreign rogue call termination deals, (currently not subject to calls originating elsewhere and terminating into our national boundaries) regulation in the area dealing with implementing a higher regulatory requirement to meter inbound foreign call termination into the Bahamas will help to illevate the pain associated with unfair compition and at the same time it addresses such issues inter-related to revenue assurance for local market competitors. Limiting the negative socio-economic impact of these influencing foreign major market powers is a high priority. Utilities regulations oftentimes in an imperfect market controlled by a dopolies or major market powers (Foreign and domestic) lack the assured market forwardness or legislative teeth to curtail foreign market powers and their cohorts who employ their “Big-S” systems engineers to deploy technology which enable them to by-pass absolute regulatory authority and control. Such lack of complete regulatory authority and controls have a negitive impact on fair competition resulting in undesired market conditions. To this end, the losers are emerging competitors: -and ultimitely their potential clients, customers and subscribers who suffer economically at the hands of major market powers with surreal monthly billing against the backdrop of acccepted missmanagement, an unaffordable alabaster box of funky price plans and poor service offerings, and the almost forgotten unabridged gap of the acknowledged digital devide -thereby creating an underperforming communications sector -badly in need of a new corporate culture.

T E A MECBIZNET: characterized by industry expert as a bold initiative.

K. Harris -Senior Regional Accounts Executive, Erskine R. Curry -Chairman/CEO & N. P. Le -Complex Systems Group (Director) K. Harris -Senior Regional Accounts Executive, Erskine R. Curry -Chairman/CEO & N. P. Le -Complex Systems Group (Director)

A Bold Caribbean initiative!

In a bold initiative ECBIZNET (Bahamas) Limited and its affiliated entities are moving forward with expert advice to acquire the the proper mix of telecom systems engineers with the skills needed to lead the information and communications technology revolution in the Caribbean region. We’re building a localized team which have a great deal of experience building cellular (typically GSM) network systems.

Our network spans a geographically challenged physical terrain made up of a chain or cluster of islands; therefore, we require each of our network engineers, Strategic Partner and/or Technology Partner to have plenty of experience when it comes to satellite HUB and space segment bandwidth management, dark fiber and wire-line technology, central office switch operation and implementing base station controllers (BSC) and mobile switching centers (MSC). As a mission-critical network our hi-tech team of system engineers will look forward to helping ECBIZNET launch its next-gen network service and are very excited about the opportunity.

Our network products and services brings a seismic shift in how Caribbean media and telecom service providers will do business in a connected world. Through our CO-OPETITION strategy we helping to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as provided under Target 8F: In co-operation with private sector partners to make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications technologies by developing global partnerships for development thereby building a network which lends itself to ensuring a “Connected Caribbean” by 2015 and in this digital age to increase the number of telephone lines and cellular subscribers in the region, to close the digital divide by creating easier access to smartphones and computers while stimulating the demand and accelerating the growth of broadband and internet users in the region. Our network is gaining traction by being market-driven, tech-savvy and agile enough to ride the wave.

[Partner] extremely excited about building a true partnership with Erskine R. Curry and ECBIZNET. [Partner] believe we’re uniquely qualified and poised for tremendous success.

“Establishing a wider spectrum of converged over-the-top (OTT) media, telecom, web and wireless market opportunities in the Bahamas and the Caribbean; meant venturing offshore into the deep end of commerce”.

“By forging dynamic relationships and undertaking mission-critical Strategic Partnership with leading industry-giants we’re NOW best positioned to supper-serve an under-performing national and regional communications sector with a full range of over-the-top products and services which end-users can afford and enjoy.”

Erskine R. Curry
Chairman/CEO & Founder

Full Spectrum™ Media Service (more…)

Because of the ECBIZNET satellite hub; Bahamian and Caribbean nationals can enjoy access to new markets and customer segments via direct satellite broadband access.

W are here to change the way we do business in the communications sector. We plan to play a leadership role in achieving customer satisfaction. With new products annd service offering we will create a teue landscape where competition proves to be an economic plus.

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