"Our mission is to set unrealistic goals …and strategically achieve them": Building a transnational (Caribbean-centric) organization is the driving force behind our mission-critical media, telecom, web and wireless multi-service platform and/or vertical market business ventures. We're enabling other license operators (OLO), resellers and service providers who turn to UAG/ECBIZNET and Full Specturm Communications for cutting-edge media, telecom, web and wireless technologies. In building these hi-tech relationships we also provide time efficient, cost effective product development, along with a J. D. Power "Beyond Satisfaction" award winning customer service certified call center program for outsourcers requiring a CRM service of distinction. Both our elite and grassroots corporate and financial services, encompasses a Go-2-market strategies, e-marketing, information, communications and infrastructural solutions fit for carrier clients, loyal consumers and a converging business model of subscribers on a global scale -through bold initiatives and a CO-OPETITION STRATEGY.

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T E A MECBIZNET: characterized by industry expert as a bold initiative.

K. Harris -Senior Regional Accounts Executive, Erskine R. Curry -Chairman/CEO & N. P. Le -Complex Systems Group (Director) K. Harris -Senior Regional Accounts Executive, Erskine R. Curry -Chairman/CEO & N. P. Le -Complex Systems Group (Director)

A Bold Caribbean initiative!

In a bold initiative ECBIZNET (Bahamas) Limited and its affiliated entities are moving forward with expert advice to acquire the the proper mix of telecom systems engineers with the skills needed to lead the information and communications technology revolution in the Caribbean region. We’re building a localized team which have a great deal of experience building cellular (typically GSM) network systems.

Our network spans a geographically challenged physical terrain made up of a chain or cluster of islands; therefore, we require each of our network engineers, Strategic Partner and/or Technology Partner to have plenty of experience when it comes to satellite HUB and space segment bandwidth management, dark fiber and wire-line technology, central office switch operation and implementing base station controllers (BSC) and mobile switching centers (MSC). As a mission-critical network our hi-tech team of system engineers will look forward to helping ECBIZNET launch its next-gen network service and are very excited about the opportunity.

Our network products and services brings a seismic shift in how Caribbean media and telecom service providers will do business in a connected world. Through our CO-OPETITION strategy we helping to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as provided under Target 8F: In co-operation with private sector partners to make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications technologies by developing global partnerships for development thereby building a network which lends itself to ensuring a “Connected Caribbean” by 2015 and in this digital age to increase the number of telephone lines and cellular subscribers in the region, to close the digital divide by creating easier access to smartphones and computers while stimulating the demand and accelerating the growth of broadband and internet users in the region. Our network is gaining traction by being market-driven, tech-savvy and agile enough to ride the wave.

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