"Our mission is to set unrealistic goals …and strategically achieve them": Building a transnational (Caribbean-centric) organization is the driving force behind our mission-critical media, telecom, web and wireless multi-service platform and/or vertical market business ventures. We're enabling other license operators (OLO), resellers and service providers who turn to UAG/ECBIZNET and Full Specturm Communications for cutting-edge media, telecom, web and wireless technologies. In building these hi-tech relationships we also provide time efficient, cost effective product development, along with a J. D. Power "Beyond Satisfaction" award winning customer service certified call center program for outsourcers requiring a CRM service of distinction. Both our elite and grassroots corporate and financial services, encompasses a Go-2-market strategies, e-marketing, information, communications and infrastructural solutions fit for carrier clients, loyal consumers and a converging business model of subscribers on a global scale -through bold initiatives and a CO-OPETITION STRATEGY.

As a Bahamian telecom expert with a net-neutral competitive agenda Erskine R. Curry Chairman/CEO of ECBIZNET wants to know why so many Bahamians at home are in favor of putting the control of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) back in the hands of the government. I hear a lot of debates about how Cable & Wireless just don’t provide the quality of service the market demands. I understsnd from very reliable resources how if there was an option how there would be a catastrophic shift to the next best thing. I understand the need for some home inprovement relating to the poor service in an already underperforming communications sector. What I do not understand is how is there an expectation of any improvement in service based on a mere 2% shift in corporate contro. Remember, we are talking about pass control from a communications giant with 140 years of global telecom experience to agovernment with expertise in operating a high-cost monopoly. I have yet to see the technological breakthrough which would improve the local quality of telecom products and services. Correct me if I am wrong …but aren’t we suppose to be moving forward, upward, onward, together? WE SHOULD NOT BE THINKING ABOUT a 2% INCREASE IN OWNERSHIP UNLESS IT COMES WITH A 100% IMPROVEMENT IN THE QUALITY OF SERVICE… Buying back 2% is a matter of mere control and perhaps continued miss-management and heaven help us all if under our government’s control the quality of the poor service you are now experiencing turns out to be worse. BUT THAT IS NOT A POSSIBILITY -RIGHT?


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