"Our mission is to set unrealistic goals …and strategically achieve them": Building a transnational (Caribbean-centric) organization is the driving force behind our mission-critical media, telecom, web and wireless multi-service platform and/or vertical market business ventures. We're enabling other license operators (OLO), resellers and service providers who turn to UAG/ECBIZNET and Full Specturm Communications for cutting-edge media, telecom, web and wireless technologies. In building these hi-tech relationships we also provide time efficient, cost effective product development, along with a J. D. Power "Beyond Satisfaction" award winning customer service certified call center program for outsourcers requiring a CRM service of distinction. Both our elite and grassroots corporate and financial services, encompasses a Go-2-market strategies, e-marketing, information, communications and infrastructural solutions fit for carrier clients, loyal consumers and a converging business model of subscribers on a global scale -through bold initiatives and a CO-OPETITION STRATEGY.

As an entity focused on enabling OLOs (Other License Operators ) -after a vote of no confidence terminating its’ contract with Bertha M. Cooper-Rousseau (a Bahamian lawyer)  Erskine R. Curry -Chairman/CEO moved with a powerful challenge for it current In-house Lead Council  Antoine Bandele Lafleur with strong advice on how the company plans to face the legal landscape which awaits cutting-edge innovators like ECBIZNET  (BAHAMAS)  LIMITED:  …its Divisions-Subsidiaries & Affiliated Entities. Noting: ECBIZNET: Noting: his ageender Mr. Curry said ECBIZNET ought to advise its In-House General Council of a diverse array of legal challenges on the leading edge of innovation

Mr. Curry noted: to his Lead Council that his company’s value-driven broad cultural approach to client service is what distinguishes his “bold initiative” as one of the premier transnational firms in the Caribbean region. We are committed to yielding the best possible results, and we tailor our services specifically to meet our region’s needs- and our aggressive business goals make the ECBIZNET brand a new leader in its community.

Our region is in need of a trusted technology partner Mr. Curry denoted and advised his In-house Lead Council  Antoine Bandele Lafleur that ECBIZNET is not a mere service provider. Our Company’s best practice includes policy advocacy, network deployment and retail-ready communications solutions, preparing and negotiating technology and telecommunications agreements, regulatory compliance, assistance with licensing and certification, and strategic planning to enhance go2market branding and market awareness …and excelling in other ares of social investments which super-serves the peoples we call our Clients, Customers & Subscribers.

From established telecommunications providers and large government contractors, to the Caribbean national’s most respected universities, research, industrial and financial centers, to entrepreneurs and new entrants in the communications and high-tech space, we speak with one voice which represent an extensive cross-section of the Caribbean media-scape, ICT and Mobile Space. We must furthermore understand national and regional market demands of all sizes (rural and major markets powers). Our financial strengths offers a “hi-tech”, “higher-ground”, approach to our “CO-OPETITION STRATEGY”. We will have to face many competing legal demands and may be under increasingly mounting levels of pressure to broaden the legal requirements in order to broadening the reach of broadband in the region. We’ve identified the need to repeatedly demonstrate our ability to meet and exceed market-demands and legal sub-standards which current prevail particularly in the under-performing communications sector. Our In-House General Council is being called on to a position which requires skill and efficiency, protecting and ensuring ECBIZNET’s priorities; -artfully articulated at the negotiating time-table, facing undeniable decades of “must-go” old-fashioned rules now set in front of seemingly under-exposed regulatory authorities. By understanding the technology goals and moveable constraints place on Mr. Curry’s vision due to antiquated laws -in most cases, and carefully selecting the legal framework best suited to meet our rapid growth demands and the needs of our customers. The legal team is expected to be consistently able to excel legally on the leading edge of innovation and push the legal limits of the law to the point of being adcovates of a telic rather than a chaotic standard which drives our technological expectation and innovation engine.

We welcome our In-house Lead Council  Antoine Bandele Lafleur to: (1) “on-board”, (2) “to learn”, (3) “to move forward, upward, onward, together” -as an integrated part of our cutting-edged technologies agenda and our domestic service-level experience in a way which will help our business to succeed. WE BUILDING THE REGIONS’ FASTEST MOBILE-DATA NETWORK.


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